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Donation Request

The Townsville Crocodiles are a community, not-for-profit organisation and we understand the important part donations play in raising funds to support valuable causes and projects which return great value to our community.
Every year we receive many requests for donations from a variety of charities, hospitals, schools, individuals, sporting clubs and other community organisations.

We are very proud of the support we receive and provide to many community organisations across the region.

If your organisation would like to request a donation of merchandise or tickets, there are specific guidelines that need to be met for your request to be considered.

Donation request guidelines:
• Requests must come from an authorised person of a registered charity or not-for-profit community group
• Requests must be submitted on your organisation letter head
• To allow us adequate time we need to receive the request 2 weeks prior to your event
• Please outline how you will use the donation to benefit your organisation

Submit requests to

Attn: Donation Requests
Townsville Crocodiles Basketball Club Ltd
PO Box 665 Hyde Park Castletown QLD 4812

Or with “donation request – (your organisation name)” as the subject line

• We are unable to approve phone requests.

Please note:
The Townsville Crocodiles are not able to provide financial support due to our ongoing commitment to our own community programs. As our not-for-profit organisation strives to achieve sustainability we are limited to the number of donation requests we can fulfil particularly in regards to free merchandise and ticket requests, which comes at a cost to our organisation.